Pharma KPO and Business Research

What is KPO means? Globally, pharmaceutical business is unique and offer huge opportunity. However, with the increasing challenges, pharmaceutical companies are re-thinking and realigning themselves to succeed in the risky business more efficiently. Pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Astra Zeneca, Merck, Novartis J&J etc. are looking towards cost-effective developing markets like India for outsourcing their various processes from R&D to marketing products. These scenarios together with other dynamic shifts have led to the rise of a new sector with huge opportunities called as ‘Knowledge Process Outsourcing’ or better known as KPOs.


KPO as future prospect: KPO sector offers a good working atmosphere with global exposure and opportunity to develop skill sets in a specialised field together with an attractive remuneration. KPO sector is demonstrating a huge growth and opportunities and it is estimated that by 2020 more than 9 lakh pharmacy graduates would be required in the KPOs.


Lack of skilled professionals: KPOs provide a wide range of services to the pharma cos. that require qualified pharma professionals with a right mix of analytic skills and business sense but un-opportunistically current pharma courses are not able to build those professionals which can serve the demand of pharma companies and KPOs.


Venture into KPO sector of huge opportunities: ISAPS offer a first time, unique, specialised course which provide pharma/medical students as well as employed professionals, a bundle of knowledge and required skills to understand, enter and succeed in growing pharma KPO sector of huge opportunities. ‘ISAPS- Professional Certificate in Pharma KPO and Business Analytics’ is designed specially by the eminent professionals working in pharma KPOs covering a varied pharma topics, projects and case studies. This course can provide an edge and rocket your career in KPO.


Pharma KPO and Business Research

Course Duration: 6 months
Eligibility: B. Pharm & M. Pharm

How to Join:You can send us your request to join your desired course, through duly filled registration form with attached copy of required documents & Cheque/ Demand Draft/Receipt of Payment, to our corporate office. Kindly see registration form OR contact our team for more details.