Pharmaceutical Forecasting

What is forecasting? Pharmaceutical industry has a great potential but it is quite dynamic and challenging. Pharma professionals need to take many strategic and risky steps decisions. All these decisions should ripe fruit of certain future return/reward and to predict, establish and support these decisions every professional requires to visualise the probable future and risks. This process is known as Forecasting and it is an indispensable and inherits demand of the industry from every professional involved in pharma business and services form R&D, marketing & sales. Moreover, with the shift in competitive environment, economic paradigm, emergence of new technologies and bridging of knowledge across other industries has brought significant dynamism in pharma industry and demand for these professionals.


Forecasting is exciting but highly complex and difficult: Some forecasting situations are much easier than others, and some are very complex. Imagine being the forecaster of a newly launched product that is in a new therapeutic area, or a brand that is breaking into a therapeutic area where there have been several recent recalls. There are so many assumptions to consider for your forecast, and finding the right analog as a base for your forecast is not always easy.


Pharma forecasting is highly rewarding and offers enormous opportunity: From the beginning there exists an enormous hunger in the pharma industry for professionals who can visualise, predict and forecast the potential gains and risks. But the supply to this demand is crippled due to negligible knowledge and training given to pharma domain experts on forecasting. Therefore, professionals are hired on high remuneration from other sectors such as finance, engineering but those clearly lack severely on pharma domain expertise. Therefore, a huge opportunity exists for pharma students and professionals who have skills of forecasting on the base of pharma knowledge.


Be a forecasting star: ‘ISPAS Professional Certificate Course in Pharma Forecasting’ is first time, unique and specially designed course on forecasting basics, principles and modelling highly dedicated towards pharma domain. This course is brainchild of forecasting experts from the big pharma and KPOs working in the US, India and Europe. They have concise the best of knowledge, practices and skills required for one to enter and excel in specialised domain of pharma forecasting. The course is designed to impart knowledge on forecasting basics and gradually build skills and expertise in pharma forecasting through easy course material, practical models and case studies and exercises at each level of understanding.


Salient Features:


Course Duration: 6 months
Eligibility: B. Pharm & M. Pharm

How to Join: You can send us your request to join your desired course, through duly filled registration form with attached copy of required documents & Cheque/ Demand Draft/Receipt of Payment, to our corporate office. Kindly see registration form OR contact our team for more details.